About Us


Extreme Print is a family-run business based in Thetford, dedicated to providing professional Printing  services. Here at Extreme Print, we take pride in our work, we provide the best possible Printing solutions for your needs. As a family run business we understand the importance of our customers and your requirements.

We always have time to make sure that you feel welcome, understood, and heard during the time you speak to us about initial requirements, up to the point of delivering your goods. Even then we will still be on standby in the very rare event that you have issues during in the future.

At Extreme Print we would like for all of our customers to know that they can put their faith in our team to provide you the best service nationwide and to provide you with the best products on the market.


Here at Extreme Print, we use state of the art printing machines to produce a wide range of applications for you. From Sign making, labels, exhibition displays, business cards, flyers, pavements signs, and so much more! We use state of art Latex printers, using environmentally friendly water based inks. These inks also provide excellent scratch resistance to the printed materials giving superb protection against damage.

Our printers achieve brilliant bright strong colours at sharp resolutions time and time again without fail. This is due to the technology used within the printers and latex inks. Our printers are all colour calibrated and use an I1 Colour spectrophotometer to ensure that colours are consistent with each print.

If there is ever anything you require printed but cannot find on our website, simple get in contact with us Here or give us a call on 01842 755808 and we would be more than happy to help!


Extreme Print was started together by father and son with a passion for printing and the technologies used behind it. We had a dream to go above and beyond for our customers giving them amazing quality products with amazing designs to compliment their needs perfectly. We first began with simple sigange printing and from their expanded to vehicle signage. From there we, strolled into the land of Vehicle signage and wrapping which has been incredible fun but also the results we have given our customers are just amazing.

We have always promised ourselves as a team, that we will always go above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy as that is the most important aspect to us and our business.

Go Green


Now, we can all agree that our environment and world needs to be protected and looked after as much as possible. That’s why here at Extreme Print we are always looking at new ways to recycle, and lower our carbon footprint. From our energy uses to the materials we use. We strive to become a greener more environmentally friendly company.

This is why we use Water based latex inks, as these dont include the harsh chemicals used in solvent printing that can potentially be harmful to the environment. We always take care to use only recyclable materials. From the vinyls and banners we print, to the packaging we use to send our materials. We cannot put a price on our environment and we take being green very seriously here.


There is no one else that would promise happy satisfied customers than the entire team here at Extreme Print. Our main mission as a company is to ensure that our customers become a part of the Extreme Print family. We will always go out of our way to help our customers in any way possible.

No matter what the issue is, we will always go above and beyond to ensure we can overcome any obstacle together. That is the Extreme Print Brand Promise!

So if your happy with our services leave us a review! If you want to check out testimonials from our other customers, Come and check out our reviews Here