PPF (Paint Protection Films)


PPF also known as Paint Protection Film,  helps keep your car’s paint in the best possible condition.
Paint protection film gives maximum protection to your vehicle’s bodywork against;

  • stone chips
  • bugs
  • salt
  • debris
  • bird droppings
  • extreme weather conditions.

Premium shield paint protection is a top-of-the-line paint protection Manufacturer and the only PPF film we use. This is solely due to the fact that we know how amazing this film is and that it offers the best protection for your money’s worth. With Premium Shield you will barely be able to see the film once its installed, it will seem practically invisible. Once it has been applied you can wash wax and polish the car as normal and we also recommend a ceramic coating to enhance the protection and look.

Paint Protection Film Coverage Options

A full PPF install provides complete protection by applying the film to all Painted areas on the vehicle.
This includes the following;

  • Front & Rear bumpers
  • Bonnet & Front Wings
  • Side mirrors and side panels
  • All Doors & Roof

Alternately, we also offer a front end package. This package applies to areas that are most susceptible to scratches and rock chips. Which is the front bumper, bonnet, front wings, mirrors, and “A” Pillars.
Or we can offer a partial front end package which covers the full front bumper, bonnet & Mirrors

We also offer PPF installation on headlights to protect the headlight casing from UV and stone chip damage and to help prevent fading overtime. The possibilities are endless, we always price according to your requirements. So it could be a full coverage install for PPF or just the wing mirrors.

PPF Application on BMW

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an anti-scratch, self-healing film applied to the bodywork of vehicles to keep the paint protected from scratches and small dents.

PPF also prevents pebbles and gravel and small stones from damaging the bodywork of vehicles. It also provides exceptional protection against insects, resins, and limescale, due to its advanced hydrophobic properties. Additionally, the self-healing properties of Paint Protection films enable them to repair when exposed to sunlight and heat.

Benefits of using Paint Protection films

PPF Protective Film allows you to preserve the value of your car by protecting the original paintwork and keeping it looking new brand new over time and keeping that showroom finish.

With its transparency and glossy finish, the PPF film accentuates the body of a vehicle and makes it look showroom-ready. Our Premium shield Paint protection films also comes in a Matte finish for customers who prefer Matte over gloss.

We can also combine a ceramic coating treatment with the PPF, providing improved gloss, protection, and hydrophobic properties for maximum potential.

Paint Protection Film Coverage Options

A full wrap provides complete protection by applying Premium Sheild Paint protection film to all exterior painted surfaces.
This includes;

  • Front bumper & Wings
  • “A” Pillars & Wing Mirrors
  • All doors
  • Roof
  • Rear Bumper
  • Side panels
  • Boot lid / door

Alternately, we can apply PPF on a “Front End” package. It is applied to areas that are most susceptible to scratches and rock chips. This includes the full front bumper, Bonnet, side wings, mirrors, and A Pillars. We also offer a partial front PPF coverage (to the full front bumper, leading edge of the hood, side wings.

We can also apply PPF to headlights to protect the plastic from UV exposure and scratches. Alongside offering a bespoke package to install PPF to the only areas that you request.

Trust the pros with your PPF Film Application.

we are preeminent for our Cut Studio software. Using one of our pre-cut patterns on your installation saves you time and money by not removing any car parts or using cutters on your car. You can choose full or partial wrap, full or partial front PPF coverage based on your needs.

We offer superior Vehicle Paint protection films that maintain surface protection and a beautiful appearance while integrating chemical, water, thermal, and UV resistance with patented, innovative technologies.

This superhydrophobic coating works to repel liquids coupled with light dirt and grime, ensuring your car stays cleaner for longer and is easier to clean for longer. Additionally, It protects the vehicle’s clear coat from being damaged by environmental contaminants and harsh chemicals.

In addition, We offer Premium Shield expert PPF installation services in (country) to guarantee maximum results. So for the best paint protection for your car, choose Premium Shield.

Premium shield is available UK-and-Bahrain wide with Paint protection films installation all around UK and Bahrain.

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Do you intend to keep the car for a long time? Then a PPF Install on the front end of your vehicle is the perfect place to start to protect your pride and joy from the every day elements that could damage your paintwork.

Protective paint films maintain the condition of all vehicles and other commercial equipment.

Matrix Films offers a variety of PPF installations to suit your needs. With an easy, affordable solution, we provide partial hood or clear bra installation and full vehicle coverage with a ten-year or greater warranty.