99 Names of Allah With Translation Picture Frame
99 Names of Allah With Translation Picture Frame
99 Names of Allah With Translation Picture Frame
99 Names of Allah With Translation Picture Frame

99 Names of Allah With Translation Picture Frame


  • 99 Names of Allah with translation Picture Frame

  • Printed on 250gsm Premium Poster Paper
  • High-Quality Picture Frames Manufactured in the UK
  • Eco Friendly water-based inks
  • High-quality front glass for an elegant look
  • 10% of all profits are donated as Zakat to Islamic Charities
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99 Name of Allah with Translation Picture Frame

99 Names of Allah With Translation Picture Frame, The 99 Names of Allah (also known as the Asma al-Husna in Arabic) are a collection of divine attributes and characteristics that Muslims believe are specific to the Islamic deity.99 Names of Allah With Translation Picture Frame

These names are seen as a way for Muslims to understand and connect with the nature and attributes of Allah. The names are often recited as part of daily prayers and are believed to have spiritual and psychological benefits for those who recite them.

The list of 99 Names of Allah and their meanings are as follows:

  1. Allah: The one and only God, the creator and sustainer of the universe.
  2. Al-Rahman: The Most Merciful, the one who shows mercy to all.
  3. Al-Rahim: The Most Compassionate, the one who shows compassion and kindness.
  4. Al-Malik: The King, the ruler and sovereign of all.
  5. Al-Quddus: The Holy, the one who is pure and free from imperfection.
  6. As-Salam: The Peace, the one who brings peace and security.
  7. Al-Mu’min: The Faithful, the one who is trustworthy and dependable.
  8. Al-Muhaymin: The Protector, the one who watches over and safeguards all.
  9. Al-Aziz: The Mighty, the one who is powerful and strong.
  10. Al-Jabbar: The Compeller, the one who has the ultimate authority.
  11. Al-Mutakabbir: The Proud, the one who is self-sufficient and above need.
  12. Al-Khaliq: The Creator, the one who brings everything into existence.
  13. Al-Bari: The Maker, the one who shapes and forms all things.
  14. Al-Musawwir: The Fashioner, the one who gives everything its unique form and appearance.
  15. Al-Ghaffar: The Forgiver, the one who forgives and covers over sins.
  16. Al-Qahhar: The Subduer, the one who has the power to control and conquer all.
  17. Al-Wahhab: The Giver, the one who provides and sustains all.
  18. Ar-Razzaq: The Provider, the one who nourishes and sustains all.
  19. Al-Fattah: The Opener, the one who grants victory and triumph.
  20. Al-Alim: The All-Knowing, the one who has knowledge of all things.
  21. Al-Qabid: The Constrictor, the one who withholds and controls resources.
  22. Al-Basit: The Reliever, the one who expands and gives freely.
  23. Al-Khafid: The Abaser, the one who humbles and brings down the proud.
  24. Ar-Rafi: The Exalter, the one who raises and promotes the humble.
  25. Al-Muizz: The Giver of Honor, the one who grants honor and respect.99 Names of Allah With Translation Picture Frame
  26. Al-Muzill: The Humiliator, the one who brings shame and dishonor.
  27. As-Sami: The All-Hearing, the one who hears all things.
  28. Al-Basir: The All-Seeing, the one who sees all things.
  29. Al-Hakam: The Judge, the one who makes final decisions and judgments.
  30. Al-Adl: The Just, the one who is fair and impartial in all things.
  31. Al-Latif: The Gentle, the one

These are a few examples, The full list of 99 names and their meanings can be found in many Islamic books and websites,

Each name has a deep meaning and significance, and Muslims believe that reciting them can help them connect to God and understand his nature better.

Our Islamic picture frames are made from high-quality MDF, with MDF backing boards. We use high-quality 250gsm matt poster paper for all of the prints used inside our frames. All of the frames we use are made in the UK using sustainable sources of wood.

Our 99 Names of Allah With Translation Picture frames all come with optically clear perspex rather than glass. Perspex is not only strong and durable but perspex also does not shatter the same as glass, making this the perfect frame to place anywhere in the home.

99 Names of Allah With Translation Picture Frame – Would you like a design that we don’t have? No problem! Just drop us an email and let us know which design you would like so we can make your idea a reality!

We have a talented designer who specialises in Islamic calligraphy. So whether it is a surah or a simple ayah, we can make this for you. We can make all types of designs bespoke just for you.

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Sustainably Sourced MDF

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Modern Mouldings

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Made in the UK


As many of you may know, the third pillar in Islam is Zakat. Allah (Swt) obligates all of us Muslim brothers and sisters to give to charity or a charitable cause. So we pledge to give zakat from not only the islamic products we sell, but from all the products on our website. All of the proceeds will go to noble islamic charities to support the less fortunate across the world.

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