Al Malik Beige Picture Frame
Al Malik Pastel Picture Frame
Al Malik Pastel Picture Frame

Al Malik Pastel Picture Frame


  • Al Malik Pastel Picture Frame

  • Printed on 250gsm Premium Poster Paper
  • High-Quality Picture Frames Manufactured in the UK
  • Eco Friendly water-based inks
  • High-quality front glass for an elegant look
  • 10% of all profits are donated as Zakat to Islamic Charities
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Al Malik Pastel Picture Frame

Al Malik Pastel Picture Frame, “Al-Malik” is one of the 99 names of Allah in Islam, which are considered to be the attributes of God in Islam.Al Malik Pastel Picture Frame

The name “Al-Malik” means “The King” or “The Sovereign” and is used to describe the absolute authority and power that God holds over all creation. It implies that Allah is the one who has full control over all things and the ultimate authority in the universe.

A “wazifa” is a Muslim practice of reciting a specific prayer or statement, usually the name of Allah, as a form of devotion or as a means to achieve a specific goal.

There are different ways to perform a wazifa for the name “Al Malik,” but one common method is to recite the name “Al-Malik” a certain number of times, such as 100 or 1000 times while focusing on one’s intention or goal.

It is important to note that wazifa is a form of Islamic spiritual practice and it should be performed under the guidance of a knowledgeable and qualified spiritual guide or Islamic Scholar, as there are certain rules and guidelines that must be followed.

Additionally, it is important to remember that the ultimate power and help comes from Allah and one should always rely on Him and seek His guidance in all matters.

This name is often used in Islamic literature, including the Quran and Hadith, to emphasize the power and majesty of Allah.,Al Malik Pastel Picture Frame

Our Al Malik Pastel Picture Frame are made from high-quality MDF, with MDF backing boards. We use high-quality 250gsm matt poster paper for all of the prints used inside our frames. All of the frames we use are made in the UK using sustainable sources of wood.

The frames all come with optically clear perspex rather than glass. Perspex is not only strong and durable but perspex also does not shatter the same as glass, making this the perfect frame to place anywhere in the home.

Al Malik Pastel Picture Frame – Would you like a design that we don’t have? No problem! Just drop us an email and let us know which design you would like so we can make your idea a reality!

We have a talented designer who specialises in Islamic calligraphy. So whether it is a surah or a simple ayah, we can make this for you. We can make all types of designs bespoke just for you.

circle frame 3

Sustainably Sourced MDF

circle frame 2

Modern Mouldings

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Made in the UK


As many of you may know, the third pillar in Islam is Zakat. Allah (Swt) obligates all of us Muslim brothers and sisters to give to charity or a charitable cause. So we pledge to give zakat from not only the islamic products we sell, but from all the products on our website. All of the proceeds will go to noble islamic charities to support the less fortunate across the world.

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