golden sand dune
golden sand dune
golden sand dune
golden sand dune
golden sand dune
golden sand dune
golden sand dune
golden sand dune

Canvas Print golden sand dune


  • Canvas Print golden sand dune

  • Will suit any decor, and comes in 10 various sizes and 12 different orientations to choose from.
  • We use high-quality pine stretcher Bars 38mm deep by 35mm wide to create a more robust strong & reliable frame.
  • All Canvas Prints come with Protected varnished coatings Free as Standard
  • Choice in canvas print full color or in Monochrome at no extra charge.
  • Printed using hypoallergenic water-based inks.
  • Please Note Delivery Time is 3-5 Working Days.


Canvas Print golden sand dune

Golden sand dunes are a type of sand dune that has a distinct yellow or golden color, which is caused by the high iron content of the sand.

The iron oxide in the sand particles gives the dunes their characteristic color, which can range from a pale yellow to a deep golden hue.Canvas Print golden sand dune

These types of dunes are typically found in deserts with high iron content in the sand.

Golden sand dunes are also known for their unique and picturesque landscapes, as well as their ever-changing shapes and patterns, caused by the wind and other environmental factors.

Many photographers, artists, and nature enthusiasts are drawn to these dunes for their beauty and photographic opportunities.

Golden sand dunes are also home to a variety of plants and animals that have adapted to harsh desert conditions.

Some common animals that can be found in these dunes include snakes, lizards, and rodents, while some plants include cacti, succulents, and shrubs.

Golden sand dunes are also popular tourist destinations and are often used for recreational activities such as hiking, camping, and off-roading.

They also offer some of the most breathtaking landscapes and natural sceneries and many people find the vastness, tranquility, and natural beauty of the golden sand dunes to be quite captivating.

Canvas Print golden sand dune in the Sahara desert is ideal for any home or decor. With several options to choose from, including sizes and finishes we guarantee to give you the absolute best quality.Canvas Print golden sand dune

All of our canvas prints are 100% manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

We use only Water-based inks when manufacturing our canvases. In short, this means that your canvas Prints are perfectly safe and hypoallergenic.

all Canvas prints will come stretched on a pine wood frame with a stunning look at no additional cost to you.

10 reasons why you should buy from Extreme Print?

  1. High-quality materials: Canvas prints are made with high-quality materials that will last for a long time.
  2. Vibrant colors: Canvas prints are printed with high-quality inks that will produce vibrant colors.
  3. Durable: Canvas prints are more durable than paper prints, and less likely to tear or fade.
  4. Versatile: Canvas prints can be hung on a wall, leaned against a wall, or even framed.
  5. Aesthetic appeal: Golden sand dunes are known for their unique and picturesque landscapes, and a canvas print can be a great way to enjoy that beauty in your home.
  6. Customizable: Many companies offer customization options, so you can choose the size and framing of the print to fit your space.
  7. Great for home decoration: A canvas print of a golden sand dune can be an excellent way to add a touch of natural beauty to your home.
  8. Personal memories: If you have ever visited a golden sand dune and want to remember your experience, a canvas print can be a great way to do that.
  9. Great Gift: A canvas print of a golden sand dune can be a great gift for someone who loves nature, photography, or art.
  10. Supporting artists: By buying a canvas print from a reputable company, you are supporting the artist who took the photograph or created the artwork.

Why do we use Water-Based Inks and the benefits?

Canvas Print golden sand duneWater-based inks are a type of ink that is composed of pigments suspended in a water-soluble binder. These inks are known for being eco-friendly and having several benefits compared to other types of inks such as:

  1. Easy to clean: Water-based inks are easy to clean, which makes them a popular choice for printing on fabrics and other surfaces.
  2. They can be easily removed from screens and equipment, which can save time and money in the long run.
  3. Safe to use: Water-based inks are generally considered safe to use, as they do not contain harmful chemicals or solvents. This makes them a good choice for printing on items that will come into contacts with skin, such as clothing or bedding.
  4. Vibrant colors: Water-based inks can create a wide range of vibrant colors, making them ideal for printing on a variety of different materials, including fabrics, paper, and plastic.
  5. Eco-friendly: Water-based inks are considered eco-friendly as they do not contain harmful chemicals or solvents that can be harmful to the environment.
  6. They do not produce harmful fumes, and the clean-up process is easy and does not require special disposal.
  7. Cost-effective: Water-based inks are cost-effective when compared to some other types of inks, as they do not require specialized equipment or solvents, which can save money in the long run.
  8. Easy to work with: Water-based inks are easy to work with and they can be blended and mixed to create a wide range of colors and effects. They also dry quickly, which allows for fast printing and turnaround times.

A wide variety of different options make your canvas truly personal to exactly how you desire. Providing you with a range of sizes and a choice of 12 different orientations. Moreover, you can be confident that your Canvas prints will be made to the highest standard lasting you a lifetime.

A Full fixings and fittings kit will be included with your canvas print as standard free of charge, all you have to do is follow the instructions as supplied and you’ll have your new canvas print up on the wall in no time.

Tips fixing canvas print on the wall?

Here are some tips to consider when fixing a canvas print on a wall:Canvas Print golden sand dune

  1. Measure and mark: Before hanging the canvas print, measure and mark the location on the wall where you want to hang it. This will help ensure that the print is level and in the desired location.
  2. Use a level: Use a level to ensure that the canvas print is hanging straight. This will prevent it from looking crooked or uneven.
  3. Use the appropriate hardware: Make sure to use the appropriate hardware for the size and weight of the canvas print. Use picture hangers or sawtooth hangers for smaller or lighter prints, and D-rings or a French cleat for larger or heavier prints.
  4. Consider the type of wall: Be mindful of the type of wall you will be hanging the canvas print on. If you have drywall, use drywall anchors for added support. If you have a concrete wall, use masonry anchors.
golden sand dune

Canvas Finishes

Our varnish has been specifically created to protect, preserve and enhance inkjet canvas prints. Water-based canvas varnish is a perfect coating for inkjet prints. It will enhance the color of pigmented and ultra-chrome inks on matte media and increase resistance to ink fading. Subsequently, It will give your images extra protection against moisture and over time.







The Benefits of Shopping With Extreme Print

ü Sizes and Orientation

At Extreme print, our canvas prints come in 12 Orientation from landscape, portrait, square, panoramic to 3, 4 , 5, and 9 Part canvas frames. In addition, we also provide a wide variety of sizes to choose from.

ü Stretcher Bars

We manufacture all of our canvas prints using high quality pine stretcher Bars 38mm deep by 35mm wide. As a result, this will give a stunning expensive look. In addition, it creates a more robust strong & reliable frame. The stretcher bars we use, are all manufactured in United Kingdom to the highest standard.

ü Outstanding Print Quality

Using only high end latex printers to produce our amazing canvas prints. Our printers use water-based inks which leave no harsh chemical smells and are completely hypoallergenic. In other words, they are so safe they can also be used for printed materials in hospitals. Most importantly, our printers produce high quality prints of up to 1200dpi with an ink colour saturation percentage of 110%.

ü Canvas Varnish

Every single canvas come’s protected with a varnish coating as standard. As a result this will not only give you increased resistance to the ink fading, but the varnish will also give your images extra protection against moisture, and abrasion over time. With our varnish coatings you will have a choice to choose from, Matt, Satin, or Gloss finishes with no extra charge to you.

ü Customise My Image

No problem, at Extreme Print we specialise in creating personalised bespoke products, from hoarding boards, banners, and yes even Canvas prints! You name it, we can customise it and give any product that personal touch.

ü Fixer and fittings

we’ve got you covered! All of our canvas prints come with a hanging kit free as standard therefore saving you time from going out to find one.

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